SubSig’s Campaign 70! Thank You!!

In 2020, Sub Sig faced a perfect financial storm:

  • A critical roof re-shingling
  • COVID-19 eliminating most trip revenue
  • Property taxes doubling

Cabin expenses continued and there was no relief is in sight for resuming typical Sub Sig trips.  With a looming financial crisis, the Sub Sig Board reluctantly decided to ask Sub Sig Club Members for help.

The Sub Sig Board created Campaign 70, honoring Sub Sig’s 70th year since incorporation. This was a way for Club-Members to help Sub Sig get through this tough year. A plea was made to Club-Members, if they were able, to support Campaign 70 with a donation of $70 or any amount of their choosing.  Contributions could be made in the Club-Member’s name, or in honor or memory of someone, or anonymously.  

The response was over-whelming!! As of March 8, 2021, members and friends have contributed $5,092, including donations in memory of Fred Fenger and Mike Schuttenberg.

The Sub Sig Board of Directors Thanks you for your contribution to making Sub Sig’s Campaign 70 such a huge success!